Anastasia Conze


About Me

I am an actress working in theatre, film and television.

Half German, half French, I was mainly educated in English, moving around the world since childhood. Imitating and observing people and studying characters have always been one of my favorite pastimes. I am always curious and open to new challenges and my favorite Genres are Mystery/Thrillers.

After graduating from high school I decided to pursue my passion. I moved to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and lived in New York for three years during which I acted in various student and short film projects. In my last year there I was part of the Malisa Theatre Academy where I performed in several plays. I currently live in Berlin where for the last couple of years I performed in television movies, some television shows and commercials. Furthermore, I have gained experience in presenting while working as a hostess for a TV magazin aired in Asia.


“I have been working with Anastasia for 3 years. Not only as a teacher, but as a director as well. I must say that her adaptability in various roles is quite unique for a young actress. Anastasia has the ability to bring the character to her with a simple ease”

Michael Luggio, Director of Michael Luggio Coaching, New York

“I was very impressed with the clarity and dedication that Anastasia gave to roles. She has always been very passionate in her endeavor to learn and improve herself”

Keith Lefever, Teacher and Theatre Director